The Purpose of this Site

This site is to serve as an informational corner of the internet for all things spoonie, technology, cats and the occasional poker game.  My idea is that we all share what we’ve been through, how we deal with our issues, what tools and alternate medicines are out there and what options there are for people.

I have been a spoonie for a long time and it’s part of my culture.  As an advocate for spoonies I share and spread knowledge that I’ve learned myself as well as things I’ve learned from other spoonies about their spoonieisms and amazing abilities.

Currently I work in healthcare IT as the director of network operations for a large hospital system where I live. I write “abilities” above because we’ve all heard about each others’ disabilities or disabling chronic illnesses whereas I refer to them as abilities because we can handle things people without chronic illnesses can’t. For example, those of us with migraine, auto-immune diseases, traumatic illnesses and/or mental illnesses have learned to incorporate such things into our lives in ways that others would just give up on. We do things others would dare not do or wouldn’t be able to do if they had something simple like the flu and yes to us, the flu is simple as it goes away. A spoonie has something that will not go away. Not ever. We are the unchargeables, we are the spoonies!

So come on down, look around, participate, it might be fun!





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The New Year To Come

Well this year has been topsy turvey. I’ve had so many bad days compared to good days that it makes me think the course of treatment I’m on is not ideal. Just treating the pain with narcotics is only a temporary stop gap towards what I’m heading to in the future.

While the procedures I get do offer long term relief from the extreme pain I used to suffer from, my flare periods have increased. This last year we tried epidurals for the first time to no avail and the right side ablation has worn off after working for about a year and 4 months. That’s not bad for a single procedure. My pain management center has now limited you to 6 steroid injection sessions per year due to how steroids eats away at the vertebrae but that doesn’t include the deep steroid procedures such as fact blocks which last for about 4-6 months.

The beginning of this new year I’m going for a consultation on an implantable spinal stimulator which uses electrical impulses to interfere with that areas ability to send pain signals to the brain. It works all over the back but they have started to use it on the cervical spine in the last few years successfully for people with cervical spondylosis and degenerative disc disease. It’s a small implantable unit they bury into your shoulder and then run lead wired into the nerve root locations at each location of the cervical spine. The first procedure is a temporary unit which you have access to so you can tune the strength, width and frequency to what works for you the best. Once you find that butter zone, they use those settings on the permanent device but those settings can be changed easily as well. So I look forward to that and finally be rid of the fentanyl patch.

Last Friday, to break a 2 month flare, I had 12 steroid injections as part of an occipital nerve block to relax the top of the cervical spine so the rest of it can begin to relax and started an anti spasmodic medication while tapering off of the gabapentin since that drug does nothing for me.

The inflammation of the neck is putting undo pressure on my vagus nerve slowing down my heart rate. At night it drops as low as 41bpm at it’s absolute lowest so I was given Wellbutrin to stimulate my system and medically increase my heart rate. I ended the year in and out of my cardiologist’s office for an echo an EKG and a 2 week halter monitor which confirmed the bradycardia but showed no cardiac problems.

I have to go in for another sleep study as the neck may have created an apnea-like symptom when I sleep which also explains the slow heart rate at night. Mind you the slow rate is only when I sleep so in essence I end up taking a stimulating drug right before I get ready for sleep. Real smart for someone like me who already has a sleep disorder. I’m not worried at all about any of this, I’m just waiting for my chiropractor to return from his vacation so I can get some alignment back in the middle to lower neck and squash this long flare.

Besides all that, I’ve switched partnerships from one CBD company to another. We are no longer partnered with green roads world as their product is stepped on and have carefully chosen The CBDDISTILLERY who is the grower and seller whose lab reports are so pure and contain more terpenes and cannabinoids compared to so many other names in the market. I started using their product a few months ago before starting to sell them to make sure it was worth it and trust me, it’s worth it. I will be changing all the CBD ads on the site to them tomorrow and wipe my hands of green roads.

In other news, I got a Microsoft surface book 2 with a 15″ screen and the highest model you could get as a present and Photoshop CC loads in 5 seconds which is remarkable. I can’t wait to start editing on it in my lap like I used to do with my surface pro 4.

Onyx is doing great and her Spidey senses the last 2 months have been spot on as she’s been sleeping by my head every night during this long flare. Her purring is like a massage pillow it’s so powerful.

My New year’s resolutions are to be more accepting of ignorant people as in ignoring them rather then arguing logic into their heads. I promise to get out more and with a new girlfriend that hasn’t been an issue for a while now. Judge less and accept more.

I wish everyone a happy New year and hope it brings positivity and strength to you all. Don’t harp on the negative instead look to the next day as being better than the previous.


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CBD Vape Review: Homegrown Essentials 500mg

Out of all the products I’ve tested over the last 2 years, this CBD Vape ejuice (500mg, MAX PG/VG), is probably one of the best yet.  It has a smooth taste with a lasting sense of well being.  Whether you are using it to relax or wind down for sleep, this happens to be my favorite as of yet.  This is a Full Spectrum CBD extract with over 7 different cannabinoids and terpenes.  Many to most vaping CBD products are CBD Isolate because they are as runny as water and won’t clog up your coils if improperly used at high wattages.

Besides being relaxing, it eliminates anxieties in all aspects.  For those with differing health products, this is a great product because of how full it is of cannabinoids and terpenes which activate your body’s endocannabinoid system buried deep in your brain. This in turn helps the body heal itself and aid in the healing of things that include cancer, stop further dementia, slow down the progress of alzheimer’s.  I use it personally for anxiety, sleep and for my atrial fibrillation/PVCs (premature ventricular contractions).  After I started to use CBD I noticed that my heart rate slowed down, stopped pounding and over time the amount of PVCs and palpitations dropped to 0.  The amount of times I’ve been in atrial fibrillation has also dropped to 0.  I’ve been able to stop taking a beta blocker to prevent myself from going into afib.  Don’t remove any medications you are on before talking to your doctor first as they may have a different take on it or know the power of CBD and have a tapering schedule to move from medication to CBD.

My cervical spine disease (cervical spondylosis) has also improved.  The amount of pain has seriously diminished to the point where I don’t need to take any daily pills besides the 3 day pain patch I’m on.  It has a positive effect on Degenerative Disc Disease as well as CBD acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and removes that pressure on the nerves joints and muscles.

As with most oils, wattage levels are important.  I use 3 different atomizers set at 3 different impedance settings and 3 different wattage ranges.

Aspire Cleito EXO: .17 ohms @ 50 watts.  That’s a good 10-20 watts lower than normal ejuice.

HorizonTech Falcon: .15 ohm M1 @ 50 watts.  That’s a good 20-30 watts lower than normal ejuice

Smok Baby Beast: .20 ohms @ 45 watts.  A good 20 watts lower than normal ejuice.

There is a range to all these settings to make it taste and work best for you.  These can be +/- 5-10 watts depending on the vaporizer and personal taste you want.

In terms of oil, it’s long lasting as a 1.5ml aspire cleito exo tank lasts forever just puffing on it.  I ran into an issue of forgetting how to walk after an extended usage but that quickly disappeared so in terms of relaxation, definitely up there as a top juice. As you know, vaping the juice makes it more bioavailable to your body vs dropping it under your tongue.  It’s right into the lungs and into your bloodstream.

On a 1-10 rating, I give it a 9 and I’ve tested a lot of products so a 9 is solid.

I highly recommend Homegrown Essential CBD Ejuices to anyone looking to vape CBD.

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